Ex-prostitute, crime-witnessing, recovering alcoholic girl escapes crazy life in police protection to visit her twin sister, twin sister commits suicide and girl assumes dead twin’s identity. Except that twin wasn’t really dead and now the FBI are after girl, her ‘dead’ sister has sent thugs after her, she’s having an affair with her best friend’s husband, she has a body to hide and a party to host and a step daughter to win over. Did I mention there have only been two episodes?

Okay, so I’m not much of one for tv reviews but I wanted to write about my response to the new Sarah Michelle Geller series, Ringer. I loved SMG in Buffy, so I thought I’d give the series a go, and she is great. But it feels like a guilty secret, so this is kind of my confession.

As a tv series, it’s not well written and it’s not well put together – the special effects in the first episode when the main character and her twin sister inexplicably go out for a ride in a speed boat are clunky, as is the script. It is soapy and overly complicated with more plot twists than you could sensibly justify in a forty five minute show and they’re all a bit, well, cliched.

So why am I even bothering writing this? Well, it has SMG, Ioan Gruffudd and that guy who played the dad in Life Unexpected and they’re all pretty good, watchable actors that add a weight and legitimacy to something which is, essentially, slightly mysterious fluff. And, much like a soap, you kinda want to know what happens next, no matter how ridiculous or unlikely it might be.