How much space is enough space?


If you walked into a room like this, you wouldn’t think it was that small. It’s light and airy and beautiful. 

You would only find it small if you knew it was the only living space. But you only need to occupy one space at a time. You only experience one space at a time. The rest of your rooms are for your stuff. 
I live in a house with 8 rooms. Each living space (master bedroom, kitchen, living room) are around about the same as this room. I use one at a time. And some of them I barely use at all. But I’m paying for owning them. And I need to clean them. They’re glorified cupboards. 

I didn’t go into one room in my house for months – just to see how much I did or didn’t need it. I don’t. 

I had all these ideas about people coming to stay. They haven’t. 

I’m scratching that idea in my next place. A sofa bed might be useful, but otherwise it’s just me and the dogs. 
The big challenge is to get rid of all the things I have accumulated over the past 16 years. And it’s a lot. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Surround yourself with things. It grounds you. 
Or it weighs you down.

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