Wow! I’ve not added to this blog for a long time. But, as I was thinking about documenting some things going on in my life (and beginning a new blog) it seemed that this was probably the ideal place for my thoughts. So here goes.

I’m becoming increasingly interested in minimalism.

I don’t mean stark white living spaces with all the home comforts of a science lab. I like snug. I have dogs. Ideally all surfaces would be a muddy browny-grey to maintain their original charm and my sanity.

No, I mean the conscious shedding of possessions; a simplification of the way I live. I want to focus less on what I have (possessions) and more on what I do (experiences). I mean that when I need to buy something, it must be a considered and researched purchase. It must be something I need – in the real sense of the word. And the rest of the time I should focus on going out, seeing things, living life.

My interest in minimalism – or experientialism over materialism, is a natural next step for me. I have been interested in growing my own food and making my own clothes for a while now. And whilst I found that self-sufficiency was probably not for me, it didn’t mean that the model by which I was living was any more suitable for my happiness of good mental health.

Further reading
Spend less on stuff, more on experiences, James Wallman, The Guardian
Stuffocation, James Wallman (try your local indie bookshop)
The Minimalists
Becoming Minimalist
The 333 Project

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